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Case Studies

At People Talent Solutions, our mission is to provide practical ways to make better talent management decisions. The case studies featured here highlight the quality of service delivered by People Talent Solutions and the level of results achieved by our clients.

White Paper   Case Study 1: The Quest for a Perfect Fit

Lending Group LLC, a mortgage company in Florida, wanted to differentiate itself through superior customer service and increase employee “fit” with the culture of the company. Historically, the CEO interviewed all applicants for the Loan Consultant role, a critical customer facing position. As the company grew, so did his schedule, lessening his ability to interview in depth. This began to take its toll on the company’s brand and business model.

People Talent Solutions worked with Lending Group to address two critical areas:

  1. The Hiring process
  2. The Interview tools used to assess candidates’ ability to perform successfully

The first step PTS took was to gain an understanding of Lending Group’s culture and to determine the success criteria for the Loan Consultant position. Next PTS worked with Lending Group to understand the available resources in order to help determine the most effective hiring process.

PTS was then able to design a simple, yet effective hiring process that utilized another person in the office to conduct a first interview to screen Loan Consultant candidates so the CEO could conduct the final interview with only the most qualified candidates. PTS also developed a custom structured interview guide that focused on critical knowledge, skills, abilities and personality factors necessary to perform successfully in the Loan Consultant position.   

The result of the hiring process designed by PTS enabled the CEO to spend more time interviewing fewer more qualified candidates for the Loan Consultant position. The structured interview guide helped Lending Group increase the quality of new hires and overall employee fit with the company.

Testimonial – Ryan Brown, President/CEO Lending Group LLC

“…it is like night and day compared to our old interview style.  In fact from the situational questioning I have weeded out a couple people who I probably would have hired-which would have been a BIG mistake!  It also has given us a perceived advantage over other companies showing that we have systems/structure behind our operations.” 

White Paper

Case Study 2: Good Sales Skills Does Not Equal Good Manager

A financial services client had a history of promoting individuals with the highest sales volume to branch management positions. After a few years, the client realized that although the individuals they were promoting were usually the best performers when it came to sales volume, they were not always the best managers. This was evidenced by poor associate satisfaction, morale issues and eventually branch performance issues. The client had been measuring leadership characteristics by using a generic competency model. This resulted in subjective ratings that were unrelated to the actual job demands, making it difficult to differentiate potential management capability.

The client looked to PTS to develop a process that allowed for fair and equitable promotions and to develop tools that accurately identified those individuals with the capacity to lead. PTS developed a custom 360-degree assessment tool that measured specific leadership behaviors important to the branch manager position. Additionally, PTS was able to combine the 360-degree assessment ratings with objective data such as sales and volume numbers to produce an overall score and subsequent ranking of high potential individuals. PTS worked with the client to help them understand how to use the data to make effective talent decisions.

The result was a process and tool that created a rich dialogue around high potential talent and allowed operations managers to make decisions regarding which individuals could be promoted and which individuals required additional development.


White Paper   Case Study 3: Asking the Right Questions Makes a Big Difference

A financial services client was seeking to improve the quality of hiring decisions for entry level sales positions. The client reported that turnover was high for these positions and productivity was lower than what they believed could be achieved.
PTS met with hiring managers and the client recruiting team to understand the hiring process and the tools used to help make candidate selection decisions. PTS conducted interviews with both hiring managers who had low turnover and were successful in making hiring decisions and hiring managers who had higher turnover and were not as successful in making hiring decisions. PTS also conducted interviews with high performing incumbents. PTS was able to take the information gathered during these interviews as well as previous work that PTS had conducted in this area and create a set of custom structured interview questions and interview training. This helped the client to target their questions toward those competencies that were determined to be critical to successful performance in sales positions.

As a result, the client was able to improve its decision-making ability and increase productivity for sales positions.

White Paper   Case Study 4: Clear Performance Expectations for Better Results

A financial services client was seeking to improve the quality of performance management in its operations business unit. Specifically, the client had been using a generic competency model companywide. This particular operations unit had outgrown the generic model and required objective and competency-based performance criteria that targeted the specific type of work and deliverables this unit was responsible for.

PTS conducted interviews with subject matter experts to determine appropriate objective metrics, technical skills and competency based criteria by job family within the unit. PTS was able to design a new performance appraisal tool that more accurately targeted the performance criteria of the business unit.

The result was a performance management process that was used more effectively by managers and associates because the content of their performance appraisal tool more accurately reflected their work. Additionally, the work done by PTS was used to create hiring tools to help identify and select candidates who would perform successfully in this business unit.