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Succession Planning & Management

Building a Team – not just a Star Player

  • A key member of the Management Team just announced his resignation.
  • Your star up and comer, the one you’ve been grooming for management, decides to defect to another company.
  • You knew it would happen eventually, but one of your managers, the one who knows everything about the sales team and your clients, wants to retire early.

Do these scenarios send your pulse racing and your mind into immediate crisis mode? People Talent Solutions can provide you with ways to ensure that you’re prepared for these events.

We offer succession planning and management solutions that enable you to proactively identify and track high-potential employees so the future of your organization won’t hang on just one star player. We’ll help you create development plans that target the skills and leadership abilities your high potential employees and your organization need most. Then we’ll work with you to implement these and find the opportunities that will help you grow a management team for the future.

A well-designed succession planning solution communicates a strong message to your workforce. By eliminating uncertainty and highlighting growth potential, you create a more engaged workforce resulting in decreased turnover and a greater emphasis on performance – all things that will keep you from falling into crisis mode.